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Dear valued Clients and Friends,

As we all face the uncertainty of the Corona-Virus, we extend our thoughts and prayers to those who have been personally affected by this pandemic.  During this critical period, it is incumbent on each of us to take care of each other to ensure the health and safety of our families, friends, colleagues and communities.  We are all committed to “flattening the curve” as your well-being is of paramount importance to our firm.

Like all of you, PRIME COUNSEL PLLC continues to monitor the situation with respect to the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). As we all work together to adapt, rest assured that our firm’s bedrock principle of professionalism means that we will remain fully available to you and your legal needs.                                                                                    

As we continue to follow the developing stories and learn more about the COVID-19 virus, I wanted to personally assure you that we remain committed and dedicated to providing you with the highest level of legal services during these uncertain times. 

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  • Brand/Trademark/Copyrights

  • Tax Clearance Compliance

  • International Arbitration

  • International Licensing

  • Risk Assessments

  • Global Corporate Mobility

  • International Trade

  • ​Infrastructure Bond/Insurance

  • Investment Instruments  

·         Mining, Oil & Gas

·         Aviation

·         Telecommunication

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  •  Asset Allocation 

    • Public/Private Procurement

    • Public Private Partnership

   Cyber-Security Law -

  • Technology Analytics   

  • Proprietary Infringement  >Security  

  • Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

  • Threat & Situational Awareness

  •  Political, Economic & Social Analyses

   Consultancy Panel-

  • Legislative Affairs

  • Judicial Rule of Law Reforms

  • Regulatory & Strategic Advisory

  • Banking

  • Risk Assessment Conflict Zone specialty

  • Non-Profit Positioning

  • Foundation Review

  • Media

  • Reputation infringement

  • Civil & Community Engagement

  • Civil Society Formation & Development                                         > Emerging Markets                     

  • Joint Ventures

  • Direct Investment Awards    >Business Relations

  • Foreign Civil Society & Government Relations

  • Opening New Markets in Countries

  • Charitable Giving

  • Corporate Responsibility


   Global Engagement Expertise-

  • Government Contracts

  • NATO Resolute

  • Clearance Letters

  • ​Pre-award Review that it will pass


  International Court-

  • Humans Rights 

  • Hague

  • AFAC Salvage frozen Assets

  •  European Union General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR)


Our Approach

Professional Team-

Prime Counsel professionals come from more than twelve different nationalities, providing a first-hand knowledge of each market, their particularities, legal and regulatory requirements.  It grants us a global presence with enough knowledge and sensitivity for the local realities of each country.

Law is a complex reality, that’s why our teams are built with specialists in different areas of strength and specializations, allowing us to address our projects from different angles.

We are a boutique law firm based in Tysons Virginia on the Washington DC beltway, and we are dedicated to providing help to our clients facing a variety of situations. Our legal team offers services related to

Immigration Law, International Licensing  & Compliance, Foreign Visas & Work Permits, Government Contracts, Business Agreements , Cyber-security Law and more. There is no reason to hesitate before giving us a call. We are here to help you find a positive resolution.

You may be facing some serious fears and concerns at this time. By choosing our team of dedicated attorneys, you can experience restored confidence and renewed hope for the future. We are passionate about helping individuals like you who are facing challenging legal issues in the realm of law troubles. The system is confusing, but with our advocates on your side, you can feel good about the direction of your case.

we strive to present our clients with case-strategies that take into account the newest government policy and adjudication trends. 

> Message from the firm:

  " Watching our clients succeed gives us strength for each new human beings plight or mission"

To this success, we are committed.  We are also committed to creating the type of law firm that supports clients in achieving their goals and looks beyond just an “application” or a “case” but in context of the individuals for whom the case is handled. One that makes human beings feel accepted, honored, and empowered.   


          At Prime-Counsel, I hope you always feel welcomed

          and know you Win Prime  results


          Mariam Atash Managing Attorney of The Prime Counsel Law Firm.



Bar Registrations

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Prime Counsel Law Firm


Prime Counsel Law Firm

1765 Greensboro Station Place,

McLean, VA 22102

Telephone:  (703) 951-6565 

Fax: (888) 536-2345




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