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Naturalization is the process by which legal permanent residents can earn the full rights and privileges of U.S. citizenship. Although naturalization involves a rigorous course of study and a multi-step application process, it is successfully achieved by thousands of immigrants per year. The Prime Counsel Law Firm is committed to helping its clients reaffirm their commitment to American ideals by expediting their naturalization goals.

What is Required?

At first, the naturalization process can appear daunting. It requires the accurate completion of a long document known as the “N-400″ as well as the payment of several sizable fees. Since the application must be mailed to a non-local facility for processing, its acceptance can be delayed by administrative backlogs and other hangups. Fortunately, The Prime Counsel Law Firm can provide comfort, counsel and guidance during this processing period.

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services requires naturalization applicants to complete and review several distinct documents. These include:

  •  Form N-400

  • Instruction booklet for Form N-400

  • Eligibility and fee worksheet

  • Naturalization requirements checklist

  • Form G-1145 for “e-notification” of naturalization application and acceptance

Who is Eligible?

Members of the military enjoy a separate path to citizenship that involves fewer delays and a more streamlined processing method. At The Prime Counsel Law Firm, we are committed to ensuring that service members and their families receive first-class treatment from the country’s immigration authorities.

Different classes of immigrants must adhere to different naturalization eligibility requirements. For instance, military members who have served for at least one year may waive the traditional five-year waiting period that regular permanent residents must endure before becoming naturalized citizens. Other basic eligibility requirements include:

  • Legal permanent residents aged 18 years and older are eligible for citizenship after five uninterrupted years of residency.

  • Adult spouses of U.S. citizens are eligible after three years of residency.

  • Former military personnel who were on active duty during certain periods of war may file for naturalization at any time.

We ensure that every naturalization applicant meets the basic eligibility criteria. In addition, we take pains to guarantee that each applicant is prepared for the knowledge exam that is required of all prospective U.S. citizens.

Put Your Trust in The Prime Counsel Law Firm

In  many years of existence, the Prime Counsel Law Firm has helped hundreds of clients take a bold step towards the American Dream by becoming naturalized citizens.  

To learn more about the challenging but rewarding process of becoming a naturalized citizen, speak to a Immigration lawyer at 703-951-6565.

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