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IMMIGRANT WORKER VISAS                                                                       

Serving McLean Virginia, Washington DC and Irvine California

The process of immigrating to the United States on a permanent basis can be complex. Prospective immigrants who wish to live and work in the United States must adhere to strict protocols during the process of applying for an immigrant worker visa. This can be very difficult without the assistance of a trusted immigrant visa lawyer at The Prime Counsel Law Firm.

Types of Immigrant Worker Visas

At The Prime Counsel Law Firm, we have many  years of experience with immigrant workers from many different countries around the world. With five discrete classes of immigrant worker visas on offer from the U.S. government, our immigrant visa attorneys can help find the proper documentation for every different type of immigrant. The various classes of immigrant worker visas include:

  • “First preference” EB-1 visas for executives, scientists, performers and other workers of “extraordinary   


  • “Second preference” EB-2 visas for businesspeople and other professionals

  • “Third preference” EB-3 visas for various types of skilled workers

  • “Fourth preference” EB-4 visas for religious workers and others

  • “Fifth preference” EB-5 visas for “employment creators” who can invest large sums of money in U.S.-based business ventures

There are several different types of visas within each of these broad classes. Some of these individual types are described in great detail on a dedicated page. Others are described in greater detail on a separate class-specific page.

Through our dedicated team of immigrant visa lawyers, The Prime Counsel Law Firm is committed to helping all of its clients secure the right to work in the United States on a permanent basis. Currently, the U.S. government issues well over 100,000 visas to help skilled and specialized workers make this dream into a reality.

Mandatory Labor Certification

Certain types of immigrant worker visas require workers to obtain “labor certification” from the government. This introduces another potentially complicated factor into the visa application process. Fortunately, the immigrant visa attorneys at The Prime Counsel Law Firm can guide applicants through the certification process with ease. Issued by the Department of Labor, this labor certification must certify the presence of two pertinent labor-market conditions:

  • There are too few qualified U.S. citizen workers to fill a position on offer in a given industry and geographical area.

  • The presence of immigrant workers will not affect the labor market for U.S. citizen workers.

Get Help From The Prime Counsel Law Firm

The seasoned immigration visa lawyers can assist those who wish to earn immigrant worker visas and begin a new life in the United States.

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