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As an agency within the Homeland Security Department, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services is tasked with ensuring that immigrants and visa-holders adhere to certain rules and regulations. Through no fault of their own, non-citizens might run afoul of these laws and put themselves at risk for detention and deportation. This can have worrying implications for the U.S.-based family members of these individuals.

We help in detention and deportation defense experience, The Prime Counsel Law Firm is committed to helping its law-abiding clients remain in the United States. Since time often runs short in deportation cases, our detention and deportation attorneys can expedite virtually any deportation-related matter to ensure that our clients can continue to remain productive members of American society.

Reasons for Deportation

Immigrants and visitors may be detained and deported by American immigration authorities for several interrelated reasons. These include:

  • Entering the U.S. without proper permission or documentation

  • Failing to comply with rules governing visa applicants or holders

  • Being convicted of a certain crime or joining a “non-approved” organization

  • Remaining in the country after exhausting all appeals on a rejected asylum application

The deportation process can be difficult for many people to endure. It can also temporarily or permanently break apart families.  At The Prime Counsel Law Firm, our deportation attorneys understand that these events can have serious consequences and remain committed to securing justice for anyone who is threatened with deportation. Over the years, our efforts have paid off for the hundreds of satisfied clients who have approached us with deportation-related matters.

Although U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services now refers to deportation as “removal,” the procedures to which the agency adheres remain the same.   The compassionate detention and deportation lawyers at The Prime Counsel Law Firm can anticipate and defend against a wide range of deportation-related charges. We can also ensure that each of our clients understands the process and outcome of their case.

Defenses Against Deportation Orders

Our attorneys employ several means of preventing or delaying deportation proceedings. These include:

  • Form 42-A: Application for the Cancellation of Removal for Permanent Residents

  • Form 42-B: Application for the Cancellation of Removal of Non-Permanent Residents

  • Convention Against Torture statutes

  • “Temporary Protected Status” regulations

  • Form I-589: Application for Asylum and Withholding of Removal

  • “Non-detention Docket” regulations

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At The Prime Counsel Law Firm, our detention and deportation attorneys understand that our clients cannot pursue the American Dream without a legal basis for remaining in the United States.

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